Thank You

All I can think about this morning is that this blog has a total of six hundred and sixty-six comments and I really need to write something witty enough to get a comment because it creeps me out.

That’s not true – I’m also thinking about how yesterday I checked top mommy blogs and we were standing strong at #11 and this morning we are #13…who has time to read/vote on weekends?


Before Loren was born we had a talk about manners and when it came to good manners our opinions were a little different.

I grew up in the south, where you say Sir and Mam. Melissa grew up in Southern California where…you don’t. As it is, people look at me like I have 3 heads when I say sir and mam (especially mam).

We did agree that staples like please and thank you were acceptable regardless of your geographical location.

For a while Loren has been able to sign please and thank you – but recently she started saying thank you. She’ not just saying it when we tell her too, she’s doing it on her own, which may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (so far!).

Thank You may be my favorite word she’s said yet, excluding Mama, of course. “Thank Yooooou!”

I think she could also say please, especially since she say cheese so well! 🙂

So, when we visit you guys down south, don’t be offended that my child doesn’t call you mam – where just trying to keep her from getting picked on here like her mama does!

Ok, please click the banner! Between the #13 and the sixes, I’m starting to get a complex! 🙂

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My Monkey

If you were on Facebook last night, then you saw this photo already – while Melissa was running Loren’s bath she decided she urgently needed a banana – so we grabbed one, hunkered down on the couch and she devoured it. When Melissa peeked around the corner to come get her, she laughed liked she had done the funniest thing ever! Such a sweet girl!


2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Kyle had to have something to show respect. Mr. Mrs. Miss for close friends he would make them Aunt or Uncle if he felt close enough. However, in public trying to get someone’s attention that he did not know Sir and Mam I feel are and were acceptable. I found in coming from the Midwest though I have grown custom to some things. People are much ruder and there is a general lack of respect here that I will never get use to. Just my opinion. Notice you hear the phrase Southern Charm as well as Midwest (charm) Hospitality. Have you ever heard of California Charm?? I am guessing NOT!!

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