Cozy Duped

For a while I really wanted to get Loren a Cozy Coupe. I just knew she would love it, and she does. She loves to be chauffeured around in it.

It started almost immediately – while Grandma and Grandpa were visiting we assembled it, including the foot board (that comes with it for little kids who can’t drive themselves so their feet don’t drag). She LOVED it when Grandma walked her around the neighborhood.

Then, Uncle Erik came – she had him wrapped around her little finger long before he landed – and every night she would bring him his shoes, pile into the cozy coupe and they would go on a 20 minute walk.

He had no idea what he was getting himself into!

A few days after he left, I took the foot board out – she LOST HER MIND and eventually we put it back in. Did I mention she also insisted that the coupe live in our living room? She treated our television like a drive in movie.

Yesterday, she piled into the coupe and begged  (in her little toddler way) to go for a walk. So, we walked – like 200 feet and I called BS – I don’t know how Uncle Erik and Grandma did it, but I need to be about 2 inches shorter for this to not break my back.

So, we pulled over, I pulled the foot board out and you guessed it –  she lost her mind.

Here’s what I know for sure – the foot board has “disappeared”, there are no more chauffeured rides, and from hence forth the coupe lives outside.

This is the look you get when you ruin a toddlers whole day by refusing to drive her around!

This is her throwing a fit in the grass, there was also flailing and sitting and pouting. (She yelled NO at me for taking a photo!)

Realizing the fit throwing isn’t working, trying put the foot board back in on her own!

Showing me how it’s done!

After a while she gave up – she refused to get back in, but she stopped trying to put the kick board back in and filled the coupe with mulch instead.

I hid the board and parked the cozy coupe in her “garage” with the tricycle (which is great for pushing her on!) and the 4 wheeler she can’t steer…Lord help me when she turns 16…I imagine I’ll just repost this same blog!

Hanging out in her “garage”.

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