Lend Me Your…Eye

When Loren was first born I was REALLY good at photos. We would have them made, I would immediately order prints and mail them off to grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, Romans and countrymen.  Sometime around 18 months I fell off the photo bandwagon, I was still taking them…I just wasnt doing anything with them. A few weeks ago I made a promise to family everywhere that I would finally order Loren’s 18 month prints. And I totally did. I even packaged them, addressed them and now they are sitting in a bag waiting to be mailed.

And then I remembered there were a few others I should mail while I was doing it, so I’m going to order those today.

And then I remembered I promised you, my faithful, non-judgmental, bloggy friends photos from the Strawberry Festival.

In pulling photos for you guys I also realized that apparently Melissa took the majority of the photos this day (which is fairly atypical) and the only ones of her are on the carousel…with a pole in her face. Awesome.

Posing (On the Worlds tiniest Carousel)

Melissa’s “best” photo of the day! Loren having a blast on the carousel.

You can’t go to a strawberry festival and not eat strawberries all day!

Meeting Strawberry Shortcake (not as cool as a certain Mouse apparently!)

Loren and Mama

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