Yogurt: Revisited

Loren finally popped one of her two top teeth over the weekend and spent the rest of the weekend gnawing on anything she could to alleviate some of the pain she’s feeling from other teeth trying to pop through.

Yes, she should have gotten her two front teeth (cue music) over a yeah ago…but that’s just not how she rolls.

Last week – was beautiful, she was not teething, she was in a great mood and best of all she slept until almost 7:30 (OR LATER, some days). That all ended on Saturday, she started waking up early, moody (ie – more sensitive than usual), and a little bipolar at times.

This morning, Monday (my least favorite day of the week) – she woke up at 5:55am (also known as – holy cow why won’t my eyes open are the glued together oclock).

She was patient enough to let me use the bathroom and brush my teeth. I also filled a sippy cup with milk, stirred some yogurt, and flung it all onto her high chair before I retrieved her cuteness from her crib.

In her defense, there was no chance she was going back to sleep because (as she told me) – “Poo Poo”.

I queued MMCH, plopped her into the high chair and she started to scream, like bath fizzy/Freddy Krueger in the bathtub scenario from a few months ago (on a side note – she loves those stupid bath fizzies now!).

Me: Loren, it’s yogurt…you love yogurt!

Loren: AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Me: Will you just try one bite?

Loren: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhblahalijlszk,lokinhuytowhraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Me; Would you like some watermelon instead?

Loren (the most pathetic/pitiful/eeyore like answer): ahh…yeah

So, I cut up some watermelon, put puffs in one slot and yogurt in the third.

Can you guess what she ate first? The yogurt.

Of course she ate EVERY BITE of the little slot of yogurt and asked for more!

In the end, she ate the entire container of yogurt (via the little slot), the majority of the watermelon and two scoops of puffs.

And then she smiles at me like this and all is forgotten.


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2 thoughts on “Yogurt: Revisited

  1. Darcie you really are tired. Today is not Monday I guess that should make you happy that we are already on Tuesday. 🙂

    • OMG…it feels worse than a Monday! Memorial day was a lie – it was just a regular old Sunday and today is the Monday from hell…I believe this to be true. 😦

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