She Keeps Growing

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Despite every effort to keep my baby a baby, she’s definitely a toddler, and she’s trying really freaking hard to become a kid.

We were watching an episode of MMCH (who’s shocked by this? I didnt think so!) and it’s an episode where Daisy is going to perform in a dance show but forgets the dance. So, the entire episode is a lot of repeating the dance moves.

Loren hopped down, stood in front of the TV (sippy cup in hand…and sometimes mouth).

Daisy said: Jump forwards

and she did.

Daisy said: Jump backwards

and she did.

Daisy said: Clap clap clap

and she did (even while holding a sippy cup!)

Daisy said: Slide to one side.

and she did.

Daisy said: Slide to the other side.


I was compelled to cry over such a little thing – since when can my kid dance, on command, from the TV?

Her new favorite thing is to go hide in a corner, do her business and immediately come tell Melissa, in the most serious tone “poo poo”. I love this – mostly because she always tells Melissa and not me! 🙂

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One thought on “She Keeps Growing

  1. She had a bit of training on the dance. We do it together. It is still awesome that she gets all these new things and can follow direction so well. Love that hate that she is not a baby anymore. 🙂

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