Non-Sibling Rivalry

Last week at Toddlers Love Music a little boy came over and sat in Melissa’s lap. Loren lost.her.mind. when it happened – “umm hello, that’s my lap NOT YOURS”.

I had forgotten about this until yesterday when Melissa said “Loren doesn’t want a younger sibling…or an older sibling (if we were to adopt) or even a sibling that’s her age” – umm what?  I was confused and asked for further clarification, since ya know, we have no plans of expanding further!

Apparently, this week at Toddlers Love Music the little lap sitting boy was seriously on Loren’s poop list. If he came within 3 feet of Melissa she would run over and sandwich her way between them. She had clearly not forgotten last week.

She knows her place, she knows her people, and she knows what she likes (or doesn’t like…rather!). When anything is askew or different she sort of cocks her head to the side and gives you a sly little grin.

This morning she refused to eat breakfast until Aunt Kitty cleaned the kitchen…she kept looking at things going “uh oh”….

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