Green Goop

When I got home on Friday, Melissa and Loren had just vacuumed.  Afterwards, they took the vacuum cleaner apart to figure out which type of bag we needed to order…they both looked like they had been punched in the face.

There noses were red, faces were puffy and they were both sneezing – that’s when I took over the ordering process. These two and their allergies – I’m not sure they will survive Spring.

Melissa’s head ache finally cleared up but Loren kept sneezing and looking pathetic. So much so that we skipped swim lesson on Saturday because we feared she  might actually be getting sick.

By Saturday afternoon the sneezing continued, but had made a friend. Her right eye started to water and produce green eye goop. GREEN?

My doctor friend, Dr. Google (the smartest “person” i know…) – scared us with all sorts of scary things and we vowed if it continued we would call the pediatrician Monday morning.

Sunday, Loren slept in (CRAP – maybe she really is getting sick!?), when she got up there was pretty much no sneezing…but her eye was still dripping and gooping. We headed off to the Strawberry Festival.  She did great and had so much fun! She met Strawberry Shortcake (who didn’t hold a candle to the mouse), she rode the tiniest carousel, and ate strawberries until her heart was content.  She didn’t nap on the drive home, although she was very good, she also wouldn’t allow me to nap (not cool kid…no cool!).

I planned to show you Strawberry Festival photos…but I couldn’t find the cord to the camera this morning. I did take one photo with my phone, she was making a weird face, and you can see how crusty her eye was (win win!).

When we got home she was so tired it was really cute! She lounged around until bath time and fell asleep in my arms (a rarity these days!).

I’m happy to report that there was no goop this morning and she woke up in a great mood!

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