Let’s Give Em Something to Talk About

Last week Melissa gave me a weird look and said – “I just stumbled upon a blog where the mom seems to be bragging about her poor parenting skills”.  She wasn’t really judging, so much as making an observation.

We live in a new world where it’s OK to say anything and there’s always someone who will listen and let’s be honest, if there’s a wow factor people flock to it. I imagine this mom has readers, because she continues to blog – I’m not sure why other parent’s would be drawn to a blog like that – maybe it makes them feel better about their short comings or maybe it has a comical spin on it.

I’m fine with the fact that she’s a “bad mom”, but  I would hope that she uses these experiences to become better, more so than just flaunt it on the internet.  No part of me thinks any parent is perfect (including this one!), some posts about how we’ve handled things show how we’re constantly learning and still have a comical aspect – but I do think that since Loren was born my rolls have changed to mom, wife, and then employee, that kid is the most important thing in the World, and nothing I do for her is a joke!

Disclaimer: This post isn’t about any specific blog, it just so happens that one blog spurred a conversation and got me to thinking!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Give Em Something to Talk About

  1. Glad you can be honest about your priorities. Do know that any therapist you ever talk to, any parent book you read and any class on parenting or marriage you ever attend will tell you that your marriage needs to be above your children. I finally after 4+ years got “why” when it was put like this… In 18 or so years the kids will be gone, if you have subconsciously put your marriage on hold to attend to the children and have the idea that you can “come back” to the spouse/ marriage after the kids are gone you are likely to find that you have drifted so far apart and have led such independent lives that there is nothing to come back to. There is a significant increase in divorce at the 18- 20 year mark due to this. Not that our children do not need us an not that we should not be attentive to their needs but you have to not only make time for yourself (to make you a happier, better mommy) but you have to make time for you and your spouse to have your alone time too. You are lucky, you have Kitty and you and Mel can get it out occasionally to see a movie, or grab a bite etc if you choose too. I STILL have not found a babysitter I really trust and so I STILL have a hard time getting away with hubby- BUT I am happy to say that I am learning and I have begun the last two months to m
    make this effort. Geesh maybe I should have just made my own blog post about that-lol

  2. I know, and we make a pretty good effort, I think it’s easier when they’re older. Her every need is dependent upon us….we are lucky to get a few hours at the end of everyday together! 😉

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