Birthday Planner Extraordinaire

Last year at this time I was up to neck in birthday planning. I’m overly organized and had assembled a team of my nearest and dearest who were tasked with all sorts of things they probably really only ever wanted to do for their own kids.  There’s something magical about a first birthday and something cute about my kid sitting in her cake!

Twelve seconds after the party was over and the guests left – the magic died for the day. Clean up (although, that amazing team of helpers all helped with this part too!) after a party is the worst – I totally understand why so many parents choose to have a party at a kids place (Fear not, we will never have one at the place with the large rat, he creeps me out.) and I don’t even want to tell you the amount of money we spent…sometimes Melissa I can go overboard.

So, when we started talking about what to do for Loren’s second birthday – Melissa pretty much said “do you not remember how much work you put into last years party? Can we just go to Sea World?”.  Ok, so we’re going to Sea World for Loren’s second birthday. My hope is that this summer when we visit New Orleans – Loren thrives in the hotel, and it’s not the nightmare we’re all anticipating, so we can actually spend the weekend in San Diego and go to Sea World AND the San Diego Zoo.

I’m excited, I’m looking for a birthday Sea World outfit. I found a super cute animal print skirt and shirt on etsy, but Melissa “really wants her to wear a safari outfit” if we go to the zoo…

Do you have any cute Sea World clothing suggestions? That whale does not even compare to the mouse when it comes to merchandise…

YOU GUYS – #16!!! You’re so awesome!

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