Shoppers Anonymous

Last night after work we took a trip to Wal-Mart. We very rarely go to Wal-Mart – it’s not close, we take a toll road to get there and then of course the fact that Target is literally across the street doesn’t help Wal-Mart’s case either.

However, I really want/need some sort of plastic outdoor furniture to sit on when Loren is outside playing with the water table, blowing bubbles, or smelling every flower in a 1000 yard radius, standing or sitting on the concrete (OUCH!) is getting old.  So, Melissa (in her infinite wisdom) says: “I bet Wal-Mart is cheaper”…so off we went.

They did not have ONE piece of plastic outdoor furniture. Ok, that’s a lie – they had two – for toddlers. Really, Wal-Mart? You’re the king of cheap crap and you can’t provide me with a piece of plastic to park my rear on?

As we wandered around, we kept saying – they have to have it somewhere?! So we covered the entire store.  That’s fine, it gave Loren something to do – if you’ve ever shopped with Loren you know that if she sees something she wants, she grabs it and puts in in the cart.

There was really only one pouting moment that occurred in the toy aisle – She REALLY wanted something, but the box was too large for her to sneak into the cart. It was the FurReal GoGo DOG that she had recently played with Aunt Amy’s house. She was insistent, so was I.  It’s cute, but no part of me could justify $65 for a stuffed dog. No matter how much she cuted it up!

I’m sure businesses cringe when they see us coming, Loren sneaks stuff into the cart and as we walk Melissa and I sneak it back out. We keep restockers in business.

Items added to and removed from the cart:

1. Some sort of purple doll food.

2. A plastic Hello Kitty stuffed with some sort of Candy.

3. A princess phone (also full of candy!)

4. A finger puppet sized Minnie Mouse

5. A red bowl.

6. A stuffed dog (it was about the size of the Fur Real friend, but she was able to get it under the cart…

7. A purple light up ball.

8.  A kids laptop

9.  Zip Lock Bowls

10. …there was something else but I can’t remember.

She’s going to be some sort of crazy shopping addict – she’s officially never allowed to have a credit card.


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