A Quicky…Because Work Takes Priority

Someone from another department just came over and shared a Persian pastry with me. I have no idea what it is – but it looks amazing. She eventually came back and shared with the other members of my team but said – Sorry, Darcie got hers first because she’s a mother! Made me smile!


Since Loren is growing and changing so fast – I find I have a lot of nostalgic moments – missing her little curled up legs (they run now!) and her hands that were always curled into a fist (they high five!!), and her quiet little baby noises (they are now squeals, screams, and demands!!).  I miss all the little baby things, but we are having so much fun now!

So, I said to Melissa a few months ago, after a particularly awesome day, “I wish Loren could remember all of this fun, I wonder what her first memory will be”. I think I was just saying – these are some of the best days of my life, I wish I she could remember it all too!

My dear wife is so thoughtful – it took her no time to form a reply. She simply said, “the fun, amazing times we are having now are molding her and helping establish her personality. She may not remember each of the activities we do, but what we are doing will have a long lasting effect on her.” Well put dear.

We play hard, we laugh hard, and we are all growing.

What are your earliest memories? Mine are sort of a jumbled mess – I think I’ve put several scenes from childhood all together in one! Ha!

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