My Child is in Love with a Mouse

Loren is seriously hung up on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Therefore, we watch a LOT of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

We try to get out of it…it doesn’t work. We try to bargain – make other things sound exciting, it doesn’t work. My child is in love with a mouse. (There were two days of reprieve where she would watch nothing but Dinosaur train).

If you don’t have children OR if you don’t watch MMC – just stop reading here (and click to vote below!).

There are several things that bother me about this show.

Pete – he’s a bully and a manipulator (for you non watchers who are sticking with this – he often randomly sets up shop and charges the other characters admission to events he has nothing to do with OR dresses up and pretends to be a poor pathetic woman to steal sick Goofy’s minniestroni soup…). I wish they would phase him out. Also, he looks NOTHING like a cat. And, what cat has a dog as a pet?

Mickey – he comes off as being stupid. I just don’t get it, this mouse would be LOST without the handy helpers, in the episode we watched yesterday he couldn’t open the front door because the handy helpers were broken and Pluto (A DOG WHO CAN’T TALK) had to tell him what to do.

Donald – is so grumpy…always.

Toodles – poor toodles, talk about used…but I think he likes it.

My favorites are Daisy and Minnie – small business owners, generally pleasant, not known anger issues, can make minniestroni soup in a blender and never steals from her friends (I’m talking to you Pete).

I’ve apparently gone off the deep end with this one today…

By the way you guys – My mother in law is always quick to read and comment on this blog…I think I’m in trouble for the potty training confession yesterday! ❤


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Is anyone else singing – M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE?


3 thoughts on “My Child is in Love with a Mouse

  1. U need to lighten up on poor Mickey and company,in my opinion it is one of the better children’s shows out there. It could be worst she could like Dora or Handy Andy ( he is just a little better than Dora). I grew up with Mickey I
    He’s only as dumb as his writer, in his younger days he was always the smartest on the show but then it was called Micky Mouse Club and wasn’t all animated. Leave Micky alone. Lol about the potty training u r wrong Loren Grace is a smart kid, maybe u just didn’t try hard enough or didn’t give her a chance to catch on. As for her not wanting the plastic pants on she isn’t even 2 yet, if u get hat I mean

  2. I am TOTALLY singing the theme song in my head now. My niece loves MMCH, and my son loved it when he was little as well. I think they have to dumb down Mickey to give the kids at home a chance to figure out the problems and help him. It’s like Dora. The day she goes “Mickey Mouse is stupid, why can’t he figure that out himself” will be the day it’s time to choose a new program!

    I found you from the first page of Top Mommy Blogs! Congrats! 😀

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