The Quitter Defense

On Friday my mother in law said something along the lines of – “it’s going to be a long weekend of potty training – Good Luck”.

I giggled a little to myself, because I knew it in fact would not be a long weekend of potty training. It would be a glorious weekend of peeing wherever you wanted, that is if you’re under 2 years of age and under 3 feet all.

Since we started the potty training talk – I kept thinking – is she really ready for this? Should she have more words? My sister in law scared the hell out of me with her horror stories.  However, I really wanted to be positive and go with it…so I did.

I mentioned before potty training day 1 – pretty much went like this. Loren sat on the toilet A LOT – but held it all day, until she got home to Mama and then she peed in her underwear twice. I was calm, albeit grossed out by peeling wet urine soaked underwear off my child (while trying to cook dinner) and then washing them out, wiping her down and starting over, but I just keep going.

Potty training day 2 – went something like this. Loren woke up, I put a diaper on her and pretended we weren’t potty training.

The funniest part about this is that everyone else did too. We haven’t discussed it, not once.

I like it that way. Get back to me when I think she has some concept of what the hell happens when I sit on the toilet.


You guys, in spite of your awesomeness and lots of voting yesterday – we are still at #25.

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