Trust Issues…Check

My BFF is graduating on Friday – with a masters from USC. Which makes her wicked smart (only sayable with a Boston accent…so do it) and super awesome. We are having brunch/lunch with her on Saturday to celebrate!

Last night she sent me a text – “Want to stay in Hollywood with us Friday or Saturday night?” – which in my head read as: Want to stay in a super swanky hotel for a night for free?Obviously in my head i was like “OMG YES OF COURSE” and then I remembered this would not be as much fun as we’ve had in the past…and that I have toddler so my actual reply was: “yes…but no. Life with a toddler is complicated”.

Because my wife is amazing she immediately said  – if you want a night out with the girls you can go and I can wrangle the beast.

Sweet right?

I still declined. In the last 21 months 3 days I have woken up to that blue eyed, smiling, toddler every single day – the truth is,  I’m not ready to not.

This 5 minute conversation made me reflect a little more. Lots of my friends have already let their toddler aged kids sleep over at a family members house or even a friends house.

Honestly, there are only a hand full of people I trust enough to let Loren spend a few hours with, and those are the same ones I would let her go to for an overnight.

How on earth do parents trust their kids with teenagers? I babysat when I was in high school, I was very responsible, and I couldn’t do it.

I’m very aware that many of my issues are caused by how I was treated when I was a child. I feel like my mom wasn’t aware enough of who was around or what was happening – and bad things did. Even at 31 these things still effect me and I still blame her (and every other clueless adult!)  for not protecting me.

So,  maybe I don’t trust very easily, but with good reason.

Don’t worry, I know that she will eventually stay at Grandma and Grandpas or with Aunt Kitty or with a friend…it’s fine if I go too…right? I’m sure she won’t mind.

Apparently I lied, today’s post is not witty and evolved into a lot more than it was meant to be…oops.

You guys – we are number TWENTY SIX! One more spot and we will be on the first page of Top Mommy Blogs…go us…thanks again for all of your votes!

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2 thoughts on “Trust Issues…Check

  1. We will be here when you are ready! Nothing is going to happen to her with me. You know will always protect her. With my life , she is my heart.

  2. I too STILL o not like to leave my kids with teenagers- I just don’t trust that they will be attentive and aware enough, not to mention two toddlers is a bit to handle at times. We have used a teenage babysitter a couple times but I was very uneasy about it. HOWEVER- I have gone on weekend scrap book retreats (even when I was still breast feeding) because you HAVE to take care of you. you have to recharge to be the BEST mommy you can be. So, I say GO! do it for yourself and do it for LG. She is big enough now 🙂 (I know you still won’t go :)~ But this is really good advice.)

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