The Weekend Recap

Last night I was lying in bed trying to come up with something to write about today and then it hit me – and now I’ve forgotten, I guess I should keep a pad of paper next to the bed?

So, instead I’ll tell you this stuff:

I finally wrote out the calender…it’s as bad as I imagined.

I found several of the gifts needed to survive this month and purchased 2 of the 3. (Which reminds me…I need to send an email about the other one!).

Loren picked out a Mothers Day card for Melissa and she loves it so much she wouldn’t give it back.

Loren was in a GREAT mood all weekend – she was a true joy – yesterday she came in (all by herself) after she had eaten breakfast, got into bed with me and cuddled for nearly an hour – it was so sweet!

We went to an open house at her gym on Sunday – she was so cute showing off and playing! We also signed her up for next year while we were there (there was a tiny discount if you did it during the open house) -her instructor recommended she join a new class – part dance/part gymnastics – which should be very fun! Although, I did the math and we spend more on gym for Loren per month than we do for both mine and Melissa’s Disneyland passes…oiy

Aunt Kitty and Uncle Bob took Loren home with them for a few hours after the open house and Melissa and I got to see a movie – what a treat! Nothing beats popcorn for lunch! 🙂

Just had to call the IRS, the lady was very pleasant and at least had knowledge of the subject matter.

Hopefully tomorrows post with be wittier…

Apparently not blogging over the weekend means I’ve fallen in the Top Mommy Blog rankings a little…Click below to vote – please! 🙂

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