Keeping it Together

For the last few days I have refused to write out the master calender for May. Yes I write it out, on the dry erase board and it hangs on our fridge. Melissa and I each have our own digital calender but this is wear I blend them together and all of Loren’s stuff.

Frankly there’s too much on it and I may have over committed us for the month.  Crap.

Loren really needs to get on the ball and tell me what she wants to get Mommy for mother’s day…because this girl has zero in the form of ideas.

I also need to find a graduation gift.

I breezed past the card section at Target yesterday without looking back – those poor bleary eyed folks staring blankly at the overwhelming spread of cards-

I am looking forward to the Strawberry Festival towards the end of the month. Yummy strawberries the size of my head – totally a sign that summer is almost here!

Holy Moly – You guys, we are #29…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Keep em coming!

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