UPDATED: Urine No Mood For This?

My sweet child is definitely in a mood.

Melissa had a meeting after work – so she didn’t get home until almost 9pm last night, which meant it was Mama and Loren time. I had a grandiose picture of all the fun we were going to have. We.did.not.

Aunt Kitty dropped her off and described her mood as “bad” starting about half an hour before drop off. Great.

Trying to cook dinner with a fussy teething toddler who decides she would rather just have a container of yogurt instead is not fun. It was less fun when she had a meltdown about the yogurt. (You guys probably remember the unexplained meltdowns regarding yogurt from months past?!)

She also peed in her underwear twice on my watch. The second time resulted in going straight to the bathtub and being put to bed 20 minutes earlier than usual.

I wasn’t upset about the peeing, it was day one, and I didn’t expect any miracles – I  just didn’t want to change her AGAIN or continue guarding our furniture and the dogs bed like a hawk because she refused to wear the plastic cover.

What I do know – I have never potty trained a child and I would like to keep it that way. For a limited time only I’m extending a 1 month toddler lease to the highest bidder – the only requirement is that she must be returned ready and wiling to use a toilet.

I’m told that she flat out refused underwear and food this morning. Great – she’s 21 months old and she’s on a hunger strike over potty training.

Can the mama quit on day 2?

*Although she went to bed 20 minutes earlier than usual she was still asleep when I left home – which means she had slept an hour+ later than usual!?

Update: Loren walked over to Aunt Kitty and said “Poo Poo?” – so Kitty took her to the bathroom, Loren allowed her to take off her pants but would not allow her to take off the diaper. Loren sat on the toilet and pooped…in her diaper.  At least she sort of getting in…right?


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