May? Is that you?

I seriously can’t believe it’s MAY already. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – parenthood makes time go faster.

As I flipped the calender I noticed that April 20th had come and gone with no pomp or circumstance, no parade and no gifts. How has it been a year since the adoption craziness was finalized?  It seemed like that consumed so much of our time, money, and thoughts for so long…it’s hard to believe it’s been over for a year!

It’s also very difficult to believe that I’m still in a battle with the lovely folks at the Internal Revenue Service trying to get some of that money back. This is the letter that I keep writing and rewriting in my head:

Dear Assholes IRS,

I received your note that you were reviewing my file and do not need any additional documentation at this time.  I also received the subsequent note that you will need additional documentation regarding my adoption credit the following day, way to save a tree . I’m a little surprised by this inquiry – since you spent 11 months reviewing the same damn information last year.

Imagine my surprise when you requested the same mother fracking information again, since your office should have received every single piece of paper I have, the state of California has, and all of the documents my legal council has regarding this adoption.  I’m disgusted by this process, and can’t believe there are questions about my claim since you indicated in your last 2011 communication (dated November) – I did in fact qualify for the adoption credit  – I simply (what a joke) needed to refile in 2011.

Get your shit together.

Do you people communicate with one another?

The requested documents are enclosed.



It’s a work a progress…

*Disclaimer -In the weird, unlikely case that the IRS finds this blog – I’m sorry…I didn’t mean it…I’m just a crazy frustrated lady…can I PLEASE have my money now?

It’s seriously painful not having the option to walk into an office and talk to someone. Who requires communication via MAIL – like real mail you guys, not the kind with an “e” in front of it. You can’t even call and talk to YOUR person, you get some nice person (truly) who can’t help you in the least and are as likely confused by the inquiry as you are.

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