The Poo Poo Factor

What is it about motherhood that makes so many taboo topics ok to talk about?

Last week a few of my non-mom friends, (you know the ones who still get to sleep through the night and drop everything and go to the movies?) noted that talking about your child’s excrement in detail on Facebook might not be as acceptable as your little mommy brain has made it out to be! Honestly, I sort of agree!

Don’t get me wrong – I will mother you to death on this blog – but when you visit you know what you’re gonna get! A funny, lesbian authored,  stumbling through motherhood, conversational, sometimes poop filled – post! My poor unsuspecting Facebook at least need to click a link for that kind of punishment!

Speaking of potty training (you like how I did that!) – when I got home yesterday the cutest pair of toddler undies (and plastic cover) were sitting on the kitchen counter, unused. When I left home yesterday I was told it was Day 1 of potty training. Apparently my moody toddler had other ideas – any time Aunt Kitty got close to her with those cute little undies she had a stage 4 meltdown and chanted NO NO NO NO NO.  Which is weird – since the kid loves to put clothes on – so potty training has Day 1 has been delayed!


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