The Day I Quit My Job and We Started Living Under a Bridge

I never made it a secret that after my baby bonding time ended that I had no interest in coming back to work. The bonding had worked and there was nothing I wanted to do more than stay home with that adorable, cooing, infant every. single. day.

That is, until I came back to work and that adorable infant became an adorable, strong willed, very energetic toddler. My tune change from “I want to stay home with Loren” to “Oh my gosh, how does Aunt Kitty do this alone for 6 hours every day?” – On weekends Melissa and I can double team her – and that works great!.

This morning, Loren was laying it on really thick. She almost had me quit my job on the spot – with three little words.

“Mom! Wait! Play!?”

I know, they are simple  – but she’s never said so  many words at once, that…ya know…made sense! For that matter, I can’t say I’ve ever heard her say “wait”.

So yeah…I left the house in tears, thinking how much fun we would have playing all day. Of course, I’m exhausted just thinking about how much energy she zapped out of me yesterday!


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