Smarty Pants

Every night this week Loren has completely melted down when it’s time for bath. Have I mentioned how much she used to love bath time?

I realize that she gotten smart and now she knows that bath time means the end of play time and that bath time also means bed time.

After screaming through the worlds quickest bath and getting her teeth  brushed – I met them at the bathroom door with her cuddly giraffe and a binky. She let me dress her without incident, but when it was time to read she wanted both of us to stay. So, there we were – Loren, the giraffe and I in the rocker and Melissa standing next to us, unable to move, because the toddler had a death grip on her hand (her other hand had a death grip on a giraffes tail).

Last night, for the first time in 8 beautiful months, she cried when we put her in her bed. It didn’t last long, but it was just pitiful enough to tug at my heart strings a little.

She is so happy and peaceful when we are out and about, she doesn’t embarrass us in public (yet), but man she is on a crazy toddler kick when we are at home.

Melissa and I were figuring it out and it would appear that Loren has gotten one tooth a week for the last 8 weeks. I guess I would be moody and crazy too.

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