Negative Nelly

Who taught my daughter the “N” word? Not THAT “N” word…the other one.

Yesterday I asked Loren if she knew who was coming to see her  and told her Aunt Kitty was coming – her reply: NO. (she LOVES Aunt Kitty, and usually ignores her moms when she’s around)

I got home, she met me at the car, “drove” for a few minutes – I told her we needed to go inside – her reply: NO.

I offered her a cake pop (a special treat – since it was her first day without me in 10), her reply: NO (who turns down cake on a stick!?)

Loren, do you want dinner? (NO.)

Loren, are you ready for your bath? (NO.) (She loves bath time…and she truly did not want to take one…she through a fit through the entire thing…she was finally happy once all of the water had drained!)

This morning, I prepped breakfast (sippy of milk, blueberry yogurt and a blueberry muffin) and had it waiting for her on the high chair with Mickey Mouse Club House queued up and ready to go, so she could eat as soon we she woke up. Plunked her in the high chair – what does she do? Hands me the muffin and says, NO. I asked her if it could just sit on her tray while she ate- NO. (she did eat every bite of the yogurt…)

I think we are entering a weird place where she can’t verbalize what she wants, but she knows how to tell us what she doesn’t want.

Is this a phase? Or is this my new reality  – I don’t take kindly to so much negativity, LOREN.


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3 thoughts on “Negative Nelly

  1. Totally a phase. Arwen did that for several months. The last month or so she’s finally begun to verbalize positively. It was a joke for a while: we asked her absurd questions just do she’d say “No”.

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