Dear Melissa and Darcie

Hope this finds you well. We want to inform you of a limited supply of specimens on donor ****.

We are notifying those of you who are already pregnant or have children by this donor in order to give you the opportunity to have a second child should you so desire. We will no be able to obtain more specimens in the future, however, so we may have a shortage if the demand exceeds the supply.

We also must inform you that, if you do choose to pre-purchase vials, we will not be able to provide refunds for any unused specimens, now or in the future for any reason. Should you later decide not to use vials that you have pre-purchased, we will, upon your written instructions, release you of ownership, further storage and financial responsibility.

If you want to reserve vials for future children, please contact us at ***-***-**** or ***-**-**** within the next two weeks.


**** ********


Got this letter last week.  Our plan has always been (and still is) to only have one child.  We really like that Loren can get all our attention and that we can afford to allow her to do things like swim lessons, gym, and music. If there were  two there’s no way that would be possible.  We agreed early on the only reason to deter from our original “singleton” plan would be if I had the overwhelming desire to have a pregnancy/biological connection.

To be honest, I don’t have the desire to be pregnant and I truly feel like Loren is 100% mine  – sometimes I swear she looks like me. However, this letter creates a sense of urgency (which I’m sure was the point, and at nearly $700 a vile who wouldn’t want to sell a bunch!) and finality that made me queasy.

Our decision is still firmly in place and in a few days I’ll forget about the letter. Today it’s on my mind.

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