Blah Glah Porcupine

Our 20 month old is so opinionated lately – but lets be honest, she probably gets it from me!

Reading books before bed time has become such a chore. She will not relax until we have read at least 2 (sometimes 3) books and she will not allow you to read anything but what she chooses. I know what you’re thinking – she’s a baby, but she’s strong, feisty and ridiculously cute. If you start to read a rejected book she just shakes her head and says “no” over and over again, while attempting to close the book.

Last night she was really tired, but really wanted that second book. Rather than sitting on my lap she wanted to lay her head on my shoulder and still see the pages. That was challenging – but we made it work.

She is also super opinionated about food. One day she will scarf down something and the next day spit it out.  She also really loves standing on the kitchen counter gazing into her cabinet to pick food.

She makes these little decisions slowly, with a great deal of thought and concentration! I would love to be inside that little head of hers, so I could better understand her process.

I think the worst part of her overly opinionatedness is that sometimes we just don’t understand what she wants. Often times she will grab my hand to lead me  somewhere, ramble something off (sounding slightly intoxicated) and throw up a bunch of gang signs (ok, it’s baby sign language…) – I just stand there staring at her – going “WHAT?!”, yell for Melissa (the sign language guru) and we have conversations like this:

Darcie: “I think Loren just said blah glah porcupine”

Mel: “Loren, what did you say?”

Loren: “blah glah porcupine”

Mel: “She said “She needs help, milk”.

Darcie: “Obviously”


On a different note, my new favorite words she says:

Boop (when you pick her up or put her down – boop)

Wheeeeeeeeeeee – in the car – she thinks her mama is a nascar driver!

Preeeeeety – mostly when looking at painted fingernails


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One thought on “Blah Glah Porcupine

  1. Well I just figured something out from yesterday. Why she says what. Just simply what. I said to Bob last night. Loren clearly said “what” several time today, but I have not idea what she was referring to. True story. Too funny!! Do not feel bad. I am no where near the Guru of baby sign as Melissa but I do my best to learn more and more utilizing Melissa, books and the internet. I have to translate when she is with us as well. On a side note I believe her being opinionated is a sign of her intelligence so I am putting it into the positive attributes column. 😀

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