Age Appropriate

I’m often times very shocked about photos people post to Facebook, yes – bathroom mirror/duck lip photos are bothersome – that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about people who post photos of their naked kids!

Don’t get me wrong – California weather is mild, so Loren does not run around naked…ever. It might be a different case if it was 400 degrees all the time (I plan to wear a bikini the entire week we are in LA/MS this summer…that should spice up the conference a little…right!? HA). For that matter we took her shirt off at dinner time (at home) a few weeks ago because she was wearing white and eating blueberries (a fatal combination) and we both noted how weird it was to see her without a shirt on! What I’m saying is – short of her newborn photo session and a few bathtub photos when she was very little – naked photos do not exist.

I’m not judging (I promise!),  it’s just our personal preference! For me, I trust no one. I certainly don’t want some skeezey jerk getting his (or her…I guess) hands on my sweet child’s photo!

What do you think? Do you restrict what photos you post of your kids online? When do naked photos go from cute kid to inappropriate? (Ex: Loren’s swim school has huge family bathrooms/changing rooms – they all have signage that says: Nudity Prohibited for those 10 years and older).

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