I’m queens of the lists.

If you were anywhere nearby during the days leading up to Loren’s birthday you know I was operating off several, my lists had lists!

Since we started planning a visit to New Orleans/to visit my family in Mississippi this summer (around a conference for work) – I’m constantly adding things I need to do, get, order, plan, etc to a list…the bad part is that the list is in my head and I’m certain I won’t remember any of it. I just can’t in good conscious create an actual list this early! I’d probably lose it anyway!

Yes, I did say Louisiana and Mississippi during the summer…and yes, there is a good chance we’ve lost our minds for visiting the South during summer.

Do you make lists? How to do you plan for a trip involving a toddler? Loren will be 23 months ish when we go – the last time she was on an airplane she was 4 months, barely sitting up on her own, let alone toddling. What are your best secrets for keeping said toddler occupied on the airplane? I hope we can get some sort of tablet and load it with a bunch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and other Loren approved games. Heck, she may have learned to stop shooting the birds backwards in Angry Birds by summer!

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