The Grandparent Rule

Melissa’s parents came down to visit for a few hours on Saturday – there couldn’t have been a worse today to drive 75 miles with two kids in the car – we were experiencing a bit of odd weather with two days of constant torrential down pours.

The funny thing about the visit is that Loren fell right into place – like she sees them everyday! Considering she is lucky to see them every other month – I was surprised! She gave hugs and kisses like they were going out of style and she sat in grandpas lap all afternoon! It was too cute!

There was a little bit of competition for grandpa’s attention – after all he has two princesses, one who has no words and just shoves people out of her way and one who came first and just wedges herself right in! HILARIOUS!

So, we learned that according to the grandparent rule – no matter how long they are away she loves them just the same! For that matter she carried their photo around all day yesterday.

We also determined that we likely couldn’t enforce any rules on the grandparents (ie: she ate 3/4 pack of M&Ms, half a bag of cookies, 1/2 a bag of yogurt melts AND had some of grandpa’s iced tea…) – so it’s probably best they live 6 hours away!


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