Holy Cow –

Yesterday we made a huge purchase…a car? a house? (in my dreams!) – we bought a potty, teeny tiny little underwear (adorned with Minne Mouse…LG’s choice) and a step stool (that is too short).

I can’t believe we are almost ready  to at least give this potty training thing a whirl.

For the next few weeks we plan to let Loren sit on her potty while we sit on ours. I know, you’re thinking -“she’s going to the bathroom with you?” And the answer is YES. Noone goes to the bathroom alone at our house. We should run a bathroom escort service – Loren OR Boston will 100% join you in the bathroom – closed doors and locks be damned.

When Boston was a puppy and we were potty training him I always sang “It’s peanut butter potty time” (A spoof on this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8MDNFaGfT4 ) – when it was time to outside…it would be wrong to sing that to Loren too…right?


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