Last night Loren toddled over with The Poky Little Puppy and demanded we read.

It wasn’t the first book we had read, so I was game.

I quickly learned The Poky Little Puppy has far too many words for my little speed reader, so instead of reading we discussed the pictures on each page.

Then it happened – I said “ohhh, they are sleeping” and Loren lifted her cute little toddlery finger to her mouth and said “shhhhh”.

I was impressed. Sort of like the first time she signed dog or said DA! (dog) – I hate how fast she’s growing but I’m in awe of every little accomplishment!

I quit Lent. I lasted 7 days. I didn’t actually find it that hard to give up Facebook – I just found that I was uninformed about my friends and the goings on in the world – today – I found out that Davy Jones died…and he was apparently a Monkee. Although, I thought he had a locker in the Pirates of the Caribbean or something. My overall goal is to spend less time on Facebook – not just for Lent – but in general. I don’t have to give it up all together in order to spend time with my family and be with them and not with the virtual world!

New neighbors moved in next door – start all of your prayers, positive thinking, and anything else that will make them the quiet sort.

I’ve also discovered that people who do not strap their children into car seats correctly drive me batty. Twisted/Loose Straps – are people allowing their children to strap themselves in? What is going on here?



2 thoughts on “Quitter

  1. U R a quitter, I’m still hanging in there. Tried Twitter but I can’t really figure it out. Loren Grace will be in kindergarten before I get to see her again ( will it feels like forever already)

  2. Come see us! For Easter? I know you would prefer us to come to you – but toddler travel is hard and Melissa is hard to sway. I’m desperately trying to 1. find the money and 2. persuade her into going to New Orleans for a conference in July so we can see my family. It’s hard to believe they haven’t see her since she was 3 months old!

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