uh-oh up uh-oh up uh-oh up

Loren has lost all concept of what “uh-oh” really means.

Throws sippy cup – “uh-oh”

Locks the bedroom door and can’t get out – = “uh-oh”

The dog is sitting in her way = “uh-oh”

Knocks the tricycle over onto herself = “uh-oh” (which from my angle looked like much more than an UHOH!)

This morning, during my entire shower, I could hear her on the monitor – obviously ready to get out of her bed.

“Up! Uh-Oh! Up! Mama! NANANANANANANANA UP! Up! Mama! Uh-oh!”

Also, her “Uh-Oh” sounds more like “UT-OH”

I love this kid, she’s hilarious (and doesn’t even know it!).




One thought on “uh-oh up uh-oh up uh-oh up

  1. So Glad u are blogging now that I’m not going FB either. Just keep the pics coming and I will not go back to FB. I deleted FB from phone and ipad. Thanks for the text this morning. Larry and I both had a good laugh.

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