Facebook Rehab

As my faithful, loyal and greatly missed Facebook friends know – I gave up Facebook for Lent. To be very honest it’s so consuming – I probably check my phone 75  times a day to see what everyone is up to. That’s just not healthy. I love knowing the ins and outs of everyone’s day/life – but I also really want to focus on being present in my own life. Absorbing Loren and Melissa, focusing on us and being less distracted at work (as I write this from my cubicle!).  So today – Day 1 Facebook free (there better be a coin at the end of 30!) hasn’t been so bad. Out of habit I have picked up my phone a few times, but since I deleted FB before I went to bed last night, I didn’t fail! Since this blog auto posts to Facebook – “Hi friends – miss you!”

Loren surprised her moms last night during tooth brushing time – she suddenly has SIX teeth! Three molars, the two bottom (which she already had!) and one more on the top! No wonder she’s been a little grumpy pants the last week. However, I will say – while I was doubtful of that little amber teething necklace I am now a believer! If she can get three molars with just a little crankiness – that thing must be working. Also…there was no drool.

We did Loren’s 18 month photos with our fabulous friends over at i Photography Studio. Here’s a little sneaky peeky of our little outing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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