Pouty Face

Someone, is getting an opinion and an attitude.

Wednesday, when I got home from work, Loren and I walked to the optometrist  to pick up my contacts – she was in a great mood! She was amazed by all the frames (she’s a little obsessed with my glasses and everyone’s sunglasses!) and I swear she pointed to a statue, i said “that’s Buddha” and she said “Buddha?” as clear as day…but still refuses to say MOMMY.

About half way home she wanted out of the stroller – so I let her out and she was running and walking next to me.  Three minutes in she wanted to be carried – when I wouldn’t pick her up she walked over to the end of the sidewalk, turned her back to me, hung her head and refused to make eye contact and made a little Hmph noise in my general direction (I swear her arms were even crossed!).  I plopped her into the stroller and we kept moving.

Once we got near home she spotted some balloons tied to a stop sign advertising a cookie sale…apparently the temptation at work and the grocery store isn’t enough – now little girls are selling those freaking cookies in my neighborhood! I digress, so I let Loren back out of the stroller to ogle the balloons – and again she wants to be carried – this time I was awarded a “sit down on the side walk and wail” kind of fit!

We walked the last little bit with her being carried and me precariously trying to push the stroller.

Note to self – do not leave home without the Ergo.

*She’s really cute when she pouts and gives me attitude…I assume that’s going to wear off!


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