Potty Time?

Friends without kids – I wont be offended if you skip this one…

Last night, Loren pooped in the tub…again…for the 15th time in 30 or so days. I get it…it’s nice and warm and she gets a little relaxed and well, when you gotta go…

This of course spurred an adult conversation about potty training. She isn’t ready just yet, her lack of words might make it a little difficult to tell us she needs to use the bathroom. However, we are ready but have one big hurdle to cross -What are we going to call “the potty”?

We can’t call it potty, because the dog associates potty with going outside – we clearly didn’t factor in potty training a toddler 6 1/2 years ago when we were potty training  The Worlds Cutest/Most Well Behaved Miniature Schnauzer!

The downside, all of her books regarding this subject say potty…and I’m sure DVDs do too.

What do you call the potty? What should well call it? HELP!


4 thoughts on “Potty Time?

  1. The pee pee/ poo poo is fine when they are 2 and 3 but after that you go with bathroom anyway so why not start with bathroom. The problem is you will sometimes want to differentiate. “Loren do you need to go pee” vs. when she is hiding and grunting “Loren do you need to go poo”. For a 2/3 year old one word for two different things could be confusing. We called the function “potty” and the container “potty” because toilet seemed too grown up. Kinda confusing… Do you need to go potty? Then go sit on the potty.

  2. At my work with the 18 months to 3 year olds, if they have random words for their pee, poop, and potty, it’s REALLY hard to understand them until we catch on what they’re talking about. Since Loren will eventually end up at school, it’s good to use typical words (potty/bathroom/toilet, pee, poop) instead of some of the more random ones I’ve had to figure out (caca, wiz, cheechee).

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