We Survived the Holidays!

We Survived and Yesterday…I bought something for Loren’s Easter Basket…I’m an addict. A holiday perfecting addict.

In my defense it was on clearance!

I think Loren changes so much every day…I’ve felt a little emotional about it lately – I really hate missing out on anything. Of course after 15 non-stop days of togetherness…I was a little ready to come back to work! šŸ™‚

Anyway – changes everyday…more words, more hair, more attitude! The only thing that hasnt changed – teeth. She still has a whopping TWO! Is this some sort of record? I mean – all the other kids at Toddlers Love Music and Swim Lesson seem to have a mouth full…and my 17 month old has TWO!

Although, teething makes her miserable – so take your time kid!



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