Yogurt: Loren’s Arch Nemesis

Loren recently found her belly button.

Loren became obsessed with her belly button.

Loren became obsessed with her Mama’s belly button (Melissa is now in hiding!).

Loren forgot about her belly button – because she found her barely existent boobies-

*I’m praying she doesnt find/poke mine!

Loren remembered her belly button…she pokes it so much it’s constantly red!

This kid is hilarious.


Loren had some sort of allergic reaction to homemade playdoh – since it consists of flour, sugar and peanut butter we are really concerned it may be a peanut allergy. Everywhere the “playdoh” touched was covered in hives. 😦 Doctor appointment made.

She also had a bad reaction to yogurt…this reaction was not an allergy. It was a Crazy Baby- who doesn’t have WORDS to explain herself Level 5 Yogurt Related Meltdown. She wanted it, but she didn’t – the sheer existence of the yogurt container caused her to flip the heck out and then reach for it when I put it away…WTH?  This morning I tried to trick her…I dumped the yogurt into a bowl…well, that was not the way I wanted to start today. Once she calmed down she had half a bannana, a bunch of cottage cheese, cranberries, and golden raisins – happily.


It was a looooooooooooooooong weekend – with a moody toddler…it’s a good thing those amazingly awesome times vastly outnumber the rare crazy baby times!


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