Last Christmas…

Last Christmas, Santa was nothing more than a chair. Loren had no idea anything was out of the ordinary – she was sitting in a “chair” and her moms were on the floor below a camera acting like fools in an effort to get her to smile…it worked.

This year we did a Santa trial run – it was a massive failure…so we left and vowed to return another day.

That day arrived – on Saturday!

We arrived at “Santa’s Beach House” (yeah, thats what we get in SoCal), Rudolph relaxing in a hammock, Santa was sitting on his beachy bench and Loren was clinging to me for dear life.

Santa suggested I back her into him…”Oh? a Santa Chair??” that might work. WRONG. She felt those gloved hands touch her and she flipped the heck out!

So, we got this:

I’m not a fan of family Santa photos – I reallllllllly wanted Loren to go it alone. She disagreed.

I’m also not a fan of how unprepared I was for this photo…no  make up, weird hair, what am I wearing? Could I crop myself out and make it just Loren, Melissa and Santa? I think I…should?

Much better!


Loren’s shirt lies. She does not heart Santa.


3 thoughts on “Last Christmas…

  1. Oh, I have a feeling this is going to be our experience this year!

    I think you all look lovely!! I will prepare to have to be on the fat man’s lap as well!

  2. I happen to like your outfit, however gray slacks would have looked better…oh lord I’m too gay for myself sometimes. But on the upside, even being not happy Loren is the cutest thing EVER!

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