Loren is at that age where I just can’t get enough of her.  Don’t get me wrong – we play HARD…so when it’s bed time I am usually more than ready for a break.

I’m never ready to go back to work but yesterday we decorated the Christmas tree, we baked Christmas cookies, and played non-stop! It was one of those picture perfect days that I just didn’t want to end!

This morning – I was reminded why it’s nice to get away to work! She woke up screaming – usually she wakes up and plays for 1/2 an hour quietly – giving me the time to do things like SHOWER! She’s teething – I know that was the problem…she loved on me, was hesitant eat anything – but was persuaded to have some yogurt, and refused to get more than 3 inches from me all morning.

I gave her some Tylenol so by the time Aunt Kitty arrived she was raring to go (and I was sprinting towards the shower!).

Photos from the baking extravaganza soon!


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