Mother of the Year Reject: Again…

Last week I was at Target and spotted something called Bath Fizzies. They were recommended for ages 3 and up…but they had Elmo on the package and were only 99cents, and Loren would be under direct supervision and well…I thought she would love the colorful water.


After getting Melissa’s permission (See, two moms are better than one…we both made the wrong choice…there is safety in numbers), we decided to go with Purple…which meant we needed a blue and a red tablet. Kerplunk in they went. The colors were so pretty, the fizzing was so cool…to 2 out of 3 people in the bathroom.

As soon as the tabs hit the water Loren let out a wail that said “HOLY CRAP I JUST SAW FREDDIE KRUGER…”…and then she backed as far away from the fizzies as possible, all whilst maintaining a death grip on my finger.  Ok, that was a fail.  They dissolved, the water was barely purple. So, I started cleaning up the fizzies ( I had dumped them out to find a blue and red)…and Loren started pointing and whining. “Oh, she must get it now…” I thought…KERPLUNK…


So – fast forward to last night.  Melissa is sick, so I’m living for bath time, which leads to bedtime.

I run the water, strip her down, pick her up and she starts screaming (Is Freddie back?) and holding her legs up (you know the – “You can’t put me down if I dont have legs” action) – I put her down she continues to cry.

Forgetting the fizzies episode from the week before I squirt a little bed time bath in while the water is still running in hope that t little bubble action would distract her from the serial killer behind me…

Bubbles are the equivelent to Freddie Kruger Bath Fizzies.

The night ended with me in the tub (clothed) hoping to show her it was not scary….It did not work.

Last nights bath was more of a wipe down.

Melissa is still sick…so maybe I’ll throw an alligator in the tub tonight!


3 thoughts on “Mother of the Year Reject: Again…

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