The Best Kept Secret

I’m basking in the remembrance sleeping in.

Melissa is naturally an early riser – I am not. So, since Loren has been born (and probably before) – Melissa has always gotten up first on weekends, done breakfast, played and then I get up around 8:30 or 9 – it is (err…was) a beautiful thing.

Recently, Loren learned how to open doors. This wasn’t a big deal, because she didn’t know I was in the bedroom so she ignored the closed door…until 2 weekends ago.

Now our mornings go like this. She wakes up, eats, and immediately bangs on the bedroom door and wiggles the handle until she gets it open. She squeals and giggles with delights as soon as she see my comatose body and then she attacks.

I can’t lie – morning cuddles are amazing and the kisses and hugs flow freely – so I’m not really that upset about rising with the sun…(and by the sun I mean 7am…)

Once she’s gotten me good and awake – she gets off the bed, goes and gets a book, brings it back and we read and then she gets off the bed…goes and gets another book and we repeat this process no less than 147,413 times.

Sunday, I was sleeping really hard when she made her entrance and the first words I hear are Melissa telling Loren that it’s in her best interest to keep smiling really big because I was not going to be pleased when I saw the clock! OIY!

I used to be the best kept secret in the apartment…now I’m the most wanted toy…I’ll take it.


Because of the time change Loren was up much earlier than usual this morning. So early in fact that we made it much further than our usual dry diaper/sippy cup of milk/read a book before Aunt Kitty arrives routine. We also ate breakfast (twice), built a fort, read 14 books, banged on the closet doors (and neighbor of the year goes toooooooooooo), and pulled as many toys out of the toy box as possible!


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