Adoption Smoption: The Conclusion (no, for real this time…)

My sweet girl is 1 year and 2 months old and she FINALLY has two mommies again!!! WOO HOO!!!

After the “Melissa being deleted from the birth certificate” incident of 2011, we filed a motion with the court to make an alteration to the original petition.

“She who must not be named” did an excellent job – I almost feel a little bad for saying all those things about our first experience about her…almost. She filed and go us an updated petition rather quickly.

However, the real hero here is Beth at the department of Vital Records. Beth, not only gave us her direct line, but she also made getting Loren’s birth certificate updated super easy. It usually takes 9-12 MONTHS to get a new certificate, but Beth used her noggin and had her boss unseal the “old” (aka – the one that was correct to begin with) birth cert!

Even better,  WE ALREADY HAVE IT. Granted, it’s a little different – so we now have three versions of a one years olds birth certificate – but I’m not going to complain…I’m soooo thrilled this process is OVER.

Now, the IRS – they are still on my shiitake mushroom list….oiy!


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