Such a Good Sharer

Since Loren is an only child (and will remain so!) I fear that she will not share well with other…but maybe I’m wrong.

Last week, she shared her cold with me, Melissa, Aunt Kitty and even Uncle Bob.

Friday afternoon she was sitting on the floor eating some Lil Crunchies, for you non parents, they are like poofy Cheetos…but for toddlers. Anyway, I looked over and she was reaching over to offer some to Boston, she didnt want to let go, so Boston was nibbling on the end.  Here’s where I failed, I said – “Boston, you know you aren’t allowed to have people food”…so he (being the good dog that he is) let go and then…Loren ate the Lil Crunchie that had just been in my ass licking dogs mouth. Oh good grief, we feed her organic fruits and vegetables just to let her share with the dog.

Now, the worlds most well behaved miniature schnauzer has been searching every inch of the apartment for crumbs…


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