One Little Monkey

The morning routine that requires me to get out of bed before the last possible second has returned.

At first,  I missed seeing Loren every morning before I left for work. On the other hand, I didn’t miss trying to shower with her sticking her head in to “see what was going on”, trying to change poopy diapers in work clothes, or feeding a crazy 10 month old who was going through the “wipe my gross hands on mom” phase! (She’s moved on to the “Put food in mommy’s pocked when she’s not looking” phase…I like this one much better…mostly because it doesnt involve me!)

I’m glad it’s back. Its “our” time – I’m still not thrilled about the getting up way earlier than I want to. HOWEVER, since my sweet angel sleeps through the night now (can I get a Whoop Whoop?), it is MUCH better to wake up around 6:30ish instead of 5 or 5:30am….

This morning, she woke up, played in her crib, layed back down, turned on the sound machine, played some more and then said “yo – I’m ready for breakfast!” – So, I went in changed her diaper and we headed towards the kitchen to make breakfast!

As we came into the living room she said “MA?” – and looked around for Melissa. When she couldnt find her in that room, she thought she was in our bedroom, so she pointed to the bedroom door and said “MA?” again. It was possibly one of the sweetest/most pitiful things she’s done in a long while.

I took her into the bedroom (and the bathroom) to prove that it was just us and then we called “MA”. Loren smiled the biggest smiles while we talking to Melissa on the phone!

She’s also grown, become more independent and gained the ability to climb since we last played this game – putting make up on in the mornings is proving to be a challenge…Loren wants the makeup and there’s no longer anywhere to put it she can’t get to! OH BOY!!!!


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