I read my fair share of mommy blogs. For that matter I read my fair share of lesbian mommy blogs.

Here’s what I know – Lesbians are tend to be very…natural.

Melissa and I did not, nor did we EVER consider birthing Loren in a kiddie pool in the middle of our living room, using a midwife, or not having an epidural (ok…there was a brief discussion about not using the epidural).

We do not drive a Subaru…why do so many lesbians drive Subarus?

We didn’t make our own baby food! (Although, I have a non-lesbian friend who does…props to you friend!)

We don’t use cloth diapers. (Again…there was a brief discussion).

All that being said – when Loren started to teethe Melissa got a little granola on me. She started rambling on about teething necklaces. I swear I thought she was talking about something for her to wear that Loren could chew on. I was wrong…apparently it’s a necklace that Loren wears that is made out of amber.

Honestly, I expected this teething thing to be way worse…so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say…I think this amber necklace might be working. And well, she’s adorable in it!

Melissa got Loren’s necklace at (wait for it) Granola Babies here in the OC…but there are a ton available online. She really wanted to go into a store to make sure she got the right size!


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