My Little Love

We spent the holiday weekend in Arizona with Melissa’s parents! It’s always so much fun to go – but the return trip was a killer!!

Loren was a champion on the way there, but on the way back she was less than the ideal passenger! I blamed the teething. I also blamed the car seat. Regardless of any seats  comfort level, I wouldn’t want to sit in it (restrained) for 5 1/2 hours (THANKS CRAPPY TRAFFIC!).

However, once we got home and unloaded the car she was in such a good mood. She was excited to see her toys – she had clearly missed them.

She hugged her rocking horse. She laughed and squealed when she rode him!

She dove into her ball pit.

She threw every toy Boston owns!

And then she went back and hugged her rocking horse again!

The best part? She gave this Mama the best hugs and the sloppiest kisses all evening (and even this morning!).

I love those little kisses…I just wish she would stop kissing me on the mouth. Until she learns to close her mouth that is!


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