Loren had another fever this week (and in turn her little rash came back…not nearly as bad though!)

In general she’s been “off”…she’s been whiney and super clingy (to Melissa)…Aunt Kitty came to watch her yesterday and she completely melted down when she left…

I finally taught Loren to say Mama…except she’s calling Melissa (aka MOMMY) Mama…

Loren went from the intermediate Parent and Me swim class to the Advanced. (yes, I know Facebook already knows this – I am thrilled she is ready for the advanced class…I’m a little bummed that it costs $7 more PER lesson…holy moly!)

So, to recap – my child is advanced enough for the high dive, she only wants Mommy or Aunt Kitty…She’s learned a name for Melissa and the dog…but not me.

I’m not jealous (or at least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself of…).

Melissa goes back to work next week…maybe my child’s loyalty will balance back out…because right now I hate summer.


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