Vaccines + Fever + Rash = Misery

Last weekend Loren had a runny nose and was a little fussy.

On Monday, she had her 1 year well baby visit. It was the standard visit – she was weighed and measured and she got 3 vaccines (MMR, Chicken Pox, and Hepatitis).

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday she was fussy. She had a fever. She wanted NEEDED her moms AT. All. TIMES.

Which is a combination of exhausting and pitiful.

Melissa was also sick and feeling terrible, which made the week even more exhausting.

As if all of that wasn’t enough – when Loren woke up on Friday morning she was covered from head to toe in a bright red rash.

So, Melissa and Loren headed back to the doctor on Friday for the second visit of the week.  She determined that the rash was likely caused by the fever…which was caused by the vaccinations.

I’m happy to report that the rash is mostly gone this morning…we are just hoping little miss clingy returns to miss independent.

Also, Loren leanred that if you open drawers they can be used as ladders.

Melissa and I learned that even if you don’t have teeth you can eat M&Ms…(Melissa dropped one and Loren found it before Melissa could and popped it in her mouth…like she knew what she was doing!)


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