Remember a few months ago I wrote about how excited Loren would get when I came home from work…she would race Boston to my feet and lift her arms to be picked up?

What happened to that kid?

Now, this happens.

I open the front door.

Melissa says (excitedly*): OHHHH Whoooooo’s THAT????

Loren makes a beeline for (she always loses to Boston…that dog is fast!)…she seems so excited…I put my purse down to pick her up and she makes a detour to my purse.  She carefully pulls each and every accessible item out and scatters them all over the entry. She’s amused for a good 20 minutes…just emptying my bag.

Part of me thinks – Maybe I shouldnt let her dig in my purse. Some people (Aunt M, for example) carry things in their purse that babies (or in Aunt M’s case…children) shouldn’t play with…see…eat…touch… etc

Then the other part of me thinks – there’s nothing in there she can hurt (the important stuff is zipped (and she hasnt mastered zippers…yet) so, I let her dig. I suppose I’m just hoping that other people will keep their purses out of her reach (especially you Aunt M!)

What do you guys do? Let them play in your purse? Keep them out of reach?


*I’m not exactly sure if Melissa is just excited to see another adult, that someone else will be there and Loren will give her 2 seconds to herself or if she’s really that excited for Loren to see her Mama!



One thought on “Rituals

  1. Well if she is allowed in one purse then she is going to think all purses are free game. I must say I am guilty of letting her take stuff out of my purse as well. It is funny that she knows what is in there and what she wants. Important things in my purse are either zippered or she can not open. However, if you take her to someone else’s home should they and their guest be responsible for keeping their purse up and out of her way. So I hate to say it as I too will have to follow the rule but purses should be off limits. 😦

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