Walk This Way…

Everyday Loren gets a little more confident on her feet. She can maintain her balance for a good while…and when she’s ready to sit down she slowly squats until her little booty hits the floor!

This morning she was awake in her crib (trying to get to the light switch) and I stood at her closed door and said “Looooooooooooren?” and she replied “Ala…” – I’m pretty sure that’s my name now! She’s been saying it forever…maybe it really is Mama?

She’s growing so fast and I’m so jealous of the time Melissa gets with her all summer, I swear she already prefers her more…stupid genetic bond.  Melissa was really nervous (borderline complaining) about soooo much time together because it’s hard work…I would’ve switched with her in a heartbeat. My baby bonding time has been over for 9 months and still don’t want to be back at work!

Melissa just posted to Facebook that Loren took SEVEN steps before crashing. A new record for my sweet girl. While it bums me out that I missed seven steps…I’m sooo thankful I saw one, and three, and six! I’ll always wish I could be there for everything, but it’s a fact of life…I have to work…missing out gets easier…right?


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