It’s never been a secret that Loren has be wrapped around her tiny little finger.  Yesterday was only different in that she also had Melissa (ya know…level headed….strong willed…MELISSA).

Since Loren had three vaccines yesterday she was incredible pathetic. She was super snuggley (aka CLINGY) and whiny all afternoon.  Since Melissa is sick her guards were down. I handed Mel a Capri-Sun (because that’s how grown up we are) and Loren immediately wanted it. They shared.

Loren eats better than any child I’ve ever seen eat. She had a big dinner, a quick bath, most of her bottle and passed out! She slept all night (again)!

Melissa said to me this morning – I really hope this new sleep thing isn’t just because she’s growing…or because she’s been sick…

While I had already thought the same thing. Part of me (a very small part) misses hearing her wake up in the middle of the night…just another sign she’s growing…and too fast!


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