I’m honestly singing “Weeee are the champioooooooooooons” in my head just thinking about this…but Loren has been sleeping…like alot…and well, we love it…like alot!

The realistic part of me is forced to admit that she MUST be going through a growth spurt and that this is likely only temporary…it’s like my own little way of preparing myself for the worst!

The girl is taking 2 – 4 hour naps…Melissa and Kitty have been bored out of their minds during nap time this week!

She’s been going to bed at 7pm and getting up after 8am…I don’t even see her in the morning these days. She’s going to forget who I am if she only sees me from 5pm – 7pm 5 days awake (aw…that made me a little sad).

Lastly, we are doing her one year photos on Sunday…and Melissa just texted me that she has been “sneezing all day and her nose is running…bring home Kleenex”….so yeah there’s that.

Hoping for the best…preparing for the less than best!


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